About Us

Sowing the Seeds of Natural Living

In today's modern world where the $ seems to rule everything through a screen, the quality of life has dropped. A sick planet, sick people and unhappiness are rampant. We have broken free from this trap by returning to a more natural way of life. 

By spreading the information about how, why and what we did and continue to do failures and successes, we spread the healing we have found. 

Medicine, Antidepressant, Makeup, Supplement All One Bite at a Time

 No matter what part of the country you live in even if you are to far too be part of our CSA, we are committed to connecting you with ideas, resources & products that we believe in to help you find healing. 

None of what we share, suggest or recomend is intended to replace a physician's advice or prescriptions. All of our help is for informational purposes only & be sure to mention to your physician that the health coach at Just Naturally Better is recomending you do things like eat more organic vegetables and fruits while avoiding frankenfoods. 

While your physician is working on treating your ailments and keeping you alive, our goal is to improve your overall wellbeing. We do this by sharing what natural food, habits and lifestyle changes we used to heal ourselves. 

Caring is Natural & We Do Care

Today people often avoid making eye contact with strangers, are afraid to share phone numbers or put themselves out there for fear. Fear comes in many shapes and sizes and is natural. 

Here at Just Naturally Better, we care about each one of the people that is striving to heal themselves and/or the planet. 

We care enough to put ourselves out here where the sick, depressed, overweight and lost can find us. 

No matter what the situation, how hopeless and lost you feel, know that someone cares. 

We are working to increase our resources available to the visitors to our website weekly. A section for woofing, intentional communities and a connection for local sources of natural food and health care are in the works. 

In the meantime, feel free to message us with questions, comments and suggestions. 


Meet the People of Just Naturally Better

Voldane Pelt

Voldane began working in sales as a teenager & opened his first business then as well. Over the years he has started businesses and sold them. 

He never found one that fullfilled his need to live naturally & do work that mattered until he founded his intentional community and Just Naturally Better. 

He has 3 Permaculture Certificates, is a Health Coach, Organic Farmer and Nursery owner as well author and speaker. 

His work at Just Naturally Better runs the gamut and he is widely known to move from project to project helping ensure succes without compromising Just Naturally Better's Values.  

Fran Pelt

Fran is well known to visitors at the commuity as a world class baker and cook. She is always working to keep the meals healthy and delicious. She is also a children's book author as well as has multiple cook books being released in 2019.

Mary Leihsing

Mary is a phenominal artist and has a passion for illustrating Fran's children's books. When she is not drawing, she can be found helping all over the community whereever she is needed. 

Visitors to the community often comment on her ready smile and willingness to stop and answer questions. 

Aden Lewis

Aden is a fiction author by night and a goat whisperer by day. She has bottle fed baby goats who follow her around and speak to her, telling her all about their day.

Always with a song in her head, she can be seen caring for animals and plants with equal enthusiasm.  

Organic Farming Intern Opening

Just Naturally Better has an opening for an intern in the organic farming and market growing side of the community. 

The ideal candidate would have a passion for natural food, grown without pesticides or unnatural additives. 

This is a live on-site internship requiring a minimum of one year committment. It includes room and board as well as a small monthly stipend for personal expenses. 

Growing year round with naturally heated greenhouses, unheated hoop houses, aquaculture, building a series of swales and modified hugekultures and planting them to grow a food forest. Selling at farmers' markets, operating a CSA, preparing newsletters, and more. Permaculture projects as well as naturalist living projects will be part of the intenrship. 

Use the contact form if you are interested in applying for the intenrship. 

Natural Building & Homesteading Intern Opening

Building outdoor kitchen and bathroom with solar hotwater heater, gravity fed water system for 52 acres, greenhouse building, cordwoodhouse, cabin, rocket stoves, pizza and bread ovens and more. 

Room and a board plus a small monthly stipend will be supplied to the intern. A minimum of one year committment is required. 

Solar panel building from the raw untabbed cells, basic windturbine, solar heater collectors, fencing, animal housing and more. 

While the work will certainly involve natural building, there will be plenty of more mundane work and learning associated with homesteading and operating a natural lifestyle intentional community and farm.

Community Room Rentals

We have added another house and 20 acres to the community here! We are opening the doors to rent three rooms to community members looking for a more natural way of life, but with a reduced work load. 

Instead of a large buy in or 40 plus hours of work a week, we have rooms from $350.00 per month including utilities and internet. 10 hours per week minimum contribution in helping out at the community is also required. 

Gardening, caring for animals, building etc. We also have a couple authors, college students. Rooms can be furnished or unfurnished and rates are based on single occupancy for a couple. Give us a call and we will be happy to visit about the oppurtunity. Only a few rooms available at this time. 

We also have a large master suite with soaking tub for three, seperate shower, walk in closet etc and this room is $450 per month and 15 hours per week because of size etc. 

Community Meals

 Meals at the community tend to be seasonal, as much as possible from the land and simple. No fancy stuff going on here, just natural food eaten as a group.  


 We are building a greenhouse, ordering baby chicks to expand our chicken and duck populations and working to transition from propane to whole house wood heating system by the end of November.  

Our Dedication


We will not harm or kill animals for food or any other purpose. Meat eaters among us will barter or purchase meat from off the land.

Humans have destroyed most of the natural lands & waterways of the world creating mass extinctions. To reduce our own impact, we will use intensive growing methods on a smaller area of land to produce  a large bounty of food and plants. We will leave as much of the land untouched as possible so nature can heal as only she can. We will pucrhase local when possible, reuse or repurpose and when that is not possible, we will  recycle what is left. Buying in bulk, used, and promoting natural living with the simple acceptance that nature knows best & life flourishes when man's ego is not second guessing nature.